Australia Gambling: Play Best Online Legal Casino Pokies with Paypal Along With The Reviews & Statistics

When the first Jurassic world movie released, I think I was about 10 or 12 years old and I think that was the first movie that really stuck in my mind for a long time and affected me in a different way. It certainly created a bond with this amazing creature and which later also made me think to become an archaeologist.

But unfortunately I happen to become an IT consultant and you know about these IT companies, on weekends I hardly go home to sleep, late night parties at pub and casino became the part of my life until I stop living near the Vegas. And after then these online slot casinos became my life and last weekend when I arrive home after watching the latest Jurassic world, I thought of playing the pokie based on the same theme.

Apart from the theme, i was looking for a pokie that is also legal in Australia and can be enjoyed both online and offline, and when it comes to gambling on these pokies i gave it a thought and decided to bet on them after i get a little savvy. so i read reviews, winning statistics and more about online pokies gambling Australia and came to know that its worth playing these games, apart from the money its real fun too.

So I looked over the internet and luckily found one with the same theme, which called the Jurassic jackpot. Since it a microgaming’s slot machine so I don’t had to dig deeper I knew that it would be a nice slot and when I played the same I didn’t get disappointed. Even it was par my expectations. But still I managed to have a look at some reviews to get to know the game a little better and then tried it with the real money and to play with the real money I got to use my paypal account to pay to the online casino. It was really a nice experience playing them right between the giant creatures like tyrannosaurus and all.