Posting a Reply
There are several options available for your use when making a reply to a topic.
The "Reply" button will create a new reply with the text quoted from the post you click reply on.
The "New Reply" will create a completely new reply in the thread void of any quoted text.
There is also a method in which to quote text from multiple post. This is done by clicking on the button to the right of the Reply button that has a Green Plus. Click this for each post you want to quote in your reply, and then click on the "New Reply" button at the top or bottom of the thread. Your new reply window will then open with the quoted post listed in their originally posted order.

You may also simply use the Quick Reply box at the bottom of a thread to make a reply.

While making your reply post, you can use the various format options, add smilies, or attach images and other files to your post. See the Help file for instructions and specifics for adding attachments to your post.