Adding Photos (Attachments)
To add a photo to your post, first start your post with the New Reply or Reply button.

Then navigate to the bottom of the post creation screen where you will see the area to add attachments.
If your attachment is too big.. (1000kb is the max file size for jpg files) then you will get an error msg. Either resize the file to be smaller or choose another file.

The dimensions will be maintained from your file and will no longer be resized for display as we now have thumbnails for within the post itself instead of a full size image.

Thumbnails for your images are currently generated at 600 pixels in width

You may attach up to 20 files to a single post.

Each photo or attachment must be uploaded one at a time, but you may add them all in before completing your reply. Make your first attachment, then scroll back down to the attachment area and select your next attachment. Follow this process until you have all your attachments added, or you reach the 20 attachment max for the post.

You may leave the files in the attachment display area of the post or insert them within your post.

To insert an attachment into a post, place your cursor where you want the attachment to be, then click the "Insert Into Post" button.

Note: Your attachment image or the attachment coding will not show in the Preview because the coding is not written to the post until the post is actually created in the database of the site.

You may copy and paste the following link for an enhanced version of this help topic with screen shots.