Amtrak is hiring out of LA.
(03-02-2012, 09:48 AM)LAJswitchman Wrote:  An engineer friend of mine from the Alaska Railroad was hired as an Amtrak engineer recently. What they want are certified class 1 engineers

What I did find interesting is that they didn't make it a requirement that someone had to be a a certified Class 1 hogger in the requirements section of the job description.

SP-I would have thought they would have made it a requirement or have it that the applicants applying for the job had to have some RR experience like a Conductor and stated that under the requirements and not just have it be preferred.
Not that I give a damn ... but really? They used the term "Hogger" in the requirements?

If you need somebody to paint your house, your not going to hire the guy that puts up the drywall and then train him. Your going to hire a guy that is trained to paint already.
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Chris totally agreed with your point its just that I think its better that the employer says exactly what they want from the person that is considering applying for the opening for the position "experience, training, and etc" on the job description and where ever the position is posted weather its online and or on paper.

I just decided to use the term "hogger" then engineer so no they didn't use it in the position title opening or the description.

SP-Being specific
Why don't you apply and if they reject you for not being certified or having experience you can tell them it doesn't require it in the job posting so therefore you'd like to start class tomorrow. Once you are done you can give us all cab rides.
It wasn't me.
Actually I did apply.

SP-Hold your breath
Yes!!! Yesss

If you become an engineer I'll be your new best friend as long as you give me cab rides and throw water balloons at the cage 2 crew Big Grin
It wasn't me.
I went for the conductor position as well and both of them early.

SP-Be ready for a long horn blast!
In my best Huell Howser voice... "Oohhhh Boyyy."
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Hahaha oh I remember him! Lol

Amtrak/Santa Fe Boy - Road Trip with Huell Howser.... I'll stop being off topic :D

EDIT: 7:50 PM: Speaking of Road's on right now.
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