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BNSF Kraemer underpass - progress - TC Smith - 03-03-2012

3 weeks into the project:
Trees cut down, signals turned off, sidewalks and curbs getting broken up, and ... the planted a pole in the middle of Crowther.

TCS - meanwhile in El Monte the bridge over the 60 will be longer, wider, and done in 3 months ...

RE: BNSF Kraemer underpass - progress - SP4449 - 03-03-2012

What I do find strange is that why haven't they taken out the Grade Crossing Signals yet?

SP-Last few times when I was right by where your at it was strange seeing the traffic lights on red.

RE: BNSF Kraemer underpass - progress - Amtrak/Santa Fe Boy - 03-04-2012

Isn't this closed indefinitely? Or is there a end date to this?

RE: BNSF Kraemer underpass - progress - orange choo choo - 03-04-2012

It should reopen, I have to look at the signs to find the completion date. There are businesses there that rely on access from Kraemer.

RE: Kramer Blvd Underpass - Amtrak/Santa Fe Boy - 03-04-2012

Thanks. This route I grandma users a lot to get me to my dad's and back.

EDIT: My*,not I...Uses*,not users!

From the boredom of Amtrak/Santa Fe Boy: Touch screen FAIL

RE: Kramer Blvd Underpass - orange choo choo - 03-04-2012

More like autocorrect fail, I have the same problem that's why I'm always editing my posts.

RE: Kramer Blvd Underpass - USAF_Andrew - 03-04-2012

These days generally if your shoes are hanging from a wire, its usually because you got the s*** beat out of you and to add insult to injury, they take your shoes and throw them up there. That's what they do out here at least.

RE: Kramer Blvd Underpass - Axy_Dent - 03-05-2012

I have a pair of heels swinging on pole line outside Bloom, UT.

RE: Kramer Blvd Underpass - orange choo choo - 03-05-2012

(03-05-2012, 06:58 AM)Axy_Dent Wrote:  I have a pair of heels.

Sign-saywhat-1010 TMI


RE: Kramer Blvd Underpass - chris_wlkr - 03-05-2012

This thread topic is hanging by a wire. Wink