SP Anaheim Hauler
The SP Anaheim hauler, led by an SD39, leads light engines into W. Anaheim.

Taken in 1990 I believe...

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I can't believe what I missed... this photograph really shows off the West Anaheim area. Many thanks for taking the time to scan and share. More please, sir ??

I started with my current employer Hardin Buick-Pont-GMC (then Hardin Olds) in 1988, and scenes like this were just down the street from my work. The only thing I ever thought of when encountering a train was that it was slowing me down at a grade crossing. I am so glad you (and Cliff Prather) have such images to share with us. (I think Chris Butts was also shooting the OC scene back then ??)

Speaking of Cliff, he is presenting at the next OCRHS meeting on January 7th. I have seen one of his slide shows and it is all good stuff. I am planning on making it. Starts at 7:30pm, doors open at 7:00pm for socializing. See ya there... ??

~ jeff repeatedly bangs his head against his desk.
>>(I think Chris Butts was also shooting the OC scene back then ??)

I was, but I didn't get my license until 1991 and even then I missed out on a lot of stuff! I never went to Anaheim for example when there was that yard the storage place is now.

I sure do miss those SD39s... and GP40Xs... and SDP45s on the Haulers though.
Here's another Anaheim hauler image I dug up...


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One more from 1990... The good old days. (for those of us in our mid 30's!)

-Ryan Humphrey

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