Kraemer Blvd & Placentia Ave Underpass Construction Thread
Shoes hanging from the power poles.
Nathan - The Amtrak Freak
(01-31-2012, 07:20 AM)Amtrak/Santa Fe Boy Wrote:  Shoes hanging from the power poles.

They got them hanging from a pole? That is talent. Most just string them around a power line. Dancing_turtle

Old ladies not being escorted across the street. Sign-saywhat-1010

Skid marks on the road. Mad_driver

Spiderwebs on the sides of buildings. Shame

Yes... what a cruel and scary place it is. Sign-muhahaha-0021


Chris Walker - Forum Owner
All trembling under the covers aside .... today's hot and heavy construction activity has been : the big forklift moved from the curb to the middle of the intersection while over at Placentia the trees and shurbs pulled up yesterday and hauled to the corner of Crowther and Placentia are being reloaded into high sides to be hauled away (no idea why they didn't do it when they loaded them up the FIRST time ...)

Impressive EB UPS train: 5 on the point, only about 10 trailers marked for other carriers.

TCS - darker SCAX Bike car following lighter shade car
Wonder how this will play out for the 3751 excursion?

From the Desk of the Amtrak Fan: Giving chase at the horseshoe, not worried...
Possible slow order for the shoefly, no other effects.

TCS - good for 40
(01-30-2012, 08:25 PM)TC Smith Wrote:  Yeah, I walk those streets .... never a problem.

TCS - they're just people albiet hispanic ... mostly

Do you wear a kilt while street walking? Hellosign

I dunno, I thought that albeits would have better taste.
shoes hanging from the lines used to be a drug dealing marker, then it became too well known for most places. Now most people don't get too worked up unless the dealer is still in them.
Its an urban legend. If they (drug dealers) continue to advertise like that the popo will be all over it in an instant.

Anyway, where are some good spots to view the construction? I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.
It wasn't me.
Closest view would be from the Cinnamon Tree apartments parking lot on Kraemer or the west portion of Crowther - plenty of shade and nearby parking. Eventually they'll do something ....

TCS - EBs were slowing down through the junction, don't know why.
There's a Form B restriction at MP 167 TCS (or Mikey if you prefer).
I'm pretty sure this is for the future construction.
Nathan - The Amtrak Freak

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