San Bernardino Railroad Days April 21st 22nd

AT&SF 3751 should arrive late morning Sat. We will turn the consist Sunday morning early, for it's departure that afternoon.

Come out and say Hi !
Bring your cameras !
Gotta love the folks running over the rails and nearly tripping on the HEP cables for the Metrolink tracks... Crazy_monkee

Thanks for posting the clip.

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San Bernardino Railroad Days is next weekend, April 21st and 22nd at the historic Santa Fe San Bernardino Depot, 1170 W. Third Street, San Bernardino.


The San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum, the San Bernardino Historical & Pioneer Society, the BNSF, and the City of San Bernardino will host San Bernardino Railroad Days 2012, at the historic Santa Fe San Bernardino Depot.

There will be railroad displays, antique vehicle displays and model railroads. There will be railroadiana for sale, apparel, model railroad equipment, food, music, fun! An estimated 7,000 to 8,000 people attended San Bernardino RR Days in May of 2011.

And…3751 will head steam excursions on both days!!

For more information consult this website:

To purchase steam excursion tickets:

Bob Chaparro
Model Railroads Of Southern California
Also see our other thread in the West Coast Steam discussion area.
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
Static display only. No moves affecting BNSF will be required

SUNDAY, 4/22 - 0630
On Sunday, 4/22 at approximately 0630, BNSF volunteer pilots will be in position (with yard van) at the west end of the former Santa Fe depot to assist in turning the ATSF 3751 steam locomotive and trailing consist which will consist of an Amtrak locomotive and private passenger cars.

Metrolink will need to have full crew on-duty and ready to perform service by 0630 to meet/job brief with BNSF operating supervision and crews outside the Metrolink crew office on the west end of the former Santa Fe depot. The ATSF 3751 consist needs to have completed all pre-movement conditioning (steam engine inspections, lubrication, flags removed, handbrakes released on equipment, etc.) and be prepared to move as directed any time after 0630.
The Metrolink crew will be responsible for, and control movement of, the ATSF 3751 consist.
BNSF pilots (volunteer—DO NOT CALL) will direct all movements on BNSF yard tracks over which Metrolink crews are not qualified.

Anticipated movement will be as follows, subject to change if operating conditions or traffic warrants:
The ATSF 3751 consist will be shoved westward via the Metrolink flyover from P-1, WB through CP Vernon, onto the Metrolink San Gabriel Subdivision over the flyover, stopping west of the EBCS at CP Rancho.
Then will need to be lined WB from the Metrolink San Gabriel Subdivision into the BNSF yard at CP Rancho.
Consist will pull west through west leg of the wye toward the B-Yard, then shove back up the A-Yard Lead toward the top-end to clear the wye switch, then pull west past Dsl Svc to await a WB Metrolink signal at CP Rancho.
ATSF 3751 consist will need WBCS at CP Rancho to pull west out of BNSF yard onto the Metrolink San Gabriel Subdivision to clear the EBCS at CP Rancho.
Metrolink to line EBCS signal at CP Rancho for 3751 consist to shove eastward via the Flyover and onto P-1 at CP Vernon.
ATSF 3751 consist will spot with rear car at the west end of the Amtrak passenger platform as directed by local supervision.

Note: Movement as described above will avoid Steam Engine ATSF 3751 operating on any portion of BNSF Main Track.
Plan on making it out there both days! Should be fun.
Does anyone know approximately when it will pass through Covina and Pomona Metrolink stations?
It wasn't me.
(04-21-2012, 06:00 AM)orange choo choo Wrote:  Does anyone know approximately when it will pass through Covina and Pomona Metrolink stations?

With a scheduled departure from LAUPT at 10:00 am, I'd guess between 10:45 and 11:15...

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Thanks Robert. I'll be watching the tracking thread just in case there are any delays.
It wasn't me.

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