ATSF 3751: The Chase and Supporting Actors
Like many of the folks here, I got out for some good old steam chasing on Saturday and Sunday. Below are the resulting images from my time by the rails.

I slept in Saturday morning and so by the time I made it downtown, the train and 3751 were already poised at LA Union Station for all the golf pants, pocket camera's and smiles it could handle.

I decided to just roll to my first photo location and hang there even though it was just barely 9 am. Spent my time photographing the ped overpass and a westbound Metrolink (images that have not been edited yet).

Eventually other folks showed up to share the overpass. Among them was Dave Dodds and David Carballido-Jeans and Russel Jeans and Kirk who I met during last years 3751 chase.

(Insert panoramic shot of the group here after processing complete).

Soon word was communicated that the train had departed and camera's were ready as everyone looked on for the faint trace of smoke through the trees surrounding the 10-710 interchange.... and soon enough it came around the curve and shutter fingers went to work.

[Image: 20120421-46-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-51-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-54-L.jpg]
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
Having experienced the traffic this train causes on the freeway, I took my time joining into the freeway chase. No desire to catch up to the masses of crazy folks behind the wheel, I made my way to the Covina area since I knew they were going to be meeting a westbound Metrolink in the general area.

I had no idea where I was going to stop for a photo and did spend some short time at the grade crossing for Covina Ave(?) but was not satisfied with the options presented after a local PD decided he wanted to see the train as well ... and parked his cruiser wherever he felt like (in my planned shot). Anyways, I headed 2 blocks to the east and barely made it trackside in time for these shots.

[Image: 20120421-69-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-72-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-73-L.jpg]
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
I wandered around the area after that and cruised Arrow Hwy for a bit until I decided to hit the freeway and race the train to Rialto. I would have been much better off just doing that in the first place, but such is life.

I made it to Rialto just as they stopped at the station so I jumped over a few streets to the east. Could not manage to get on the sun side of the tracks however before the gates came down.

Just as well as Nathan really wanted his picture taken as he rode by in the baggage car. Wink I shot the entire train at this location and then watched them roll away before going for lunch at rest at Pepper Ave.

.... Pictures ....

[Image: 20120421-81-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-82-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-83-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-84-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-85-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-86-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-87-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-88-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120421-91-L.jpg]

I will pick up Sunday's images during my next break.
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
Great images Chris! Coolphotos
Jonathan C. 
The owner of TheSd90mac-Railfanner.
yay! I'm famous! lol Great photos,Chris.
Nathan - The Amtrak Freak

I have images from Colton and Fullerton but will save these for other post.

Sunday I headed for one of my Saturday scout places that I did not use since the light would have sucked. I waited about 40 minutes just north (relative) of the Baldwin Park Metrolink station for my first shots. A handy text from RTQuality Wolf alerted me that the train had passed him in Ranch Mongo Cuckoo land.

I fired off clicks on the whole train here and spotted a few familiar faces riding. Anyways, here are the images in order taken.

[Image: 20120422-3-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120422-8-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120422-19-L.jpg]
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
Those are really nice images. I like the shot at Covina, the palm tree balances out the image nicely. I see myself once again in the last image at Rialto. If you look 2 crossings down, it looks like there are a couple people on the opposite side of the tracks. I think that's me in the orange on the right.
Based on my first choice of catching them, I figured I would not have another shot and had planned to just head downtown and wait for the crew to put the train away.

However they had to hold for an east bound Metrolink and that allowed me time to get back to my Saturday morning perch. Spotting fans waiting along the ROW indicated that the train had not passed. This time I had this ped bridge all to myself, and I think the ligting was much better than Saturday morning. Also a clear traffic break was visible on the run west as you can see in this first image.

[Image: 20120422-32-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120422-38-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120422-44-L.jpg]
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
I spent the rest of the time hanging around the LA River bridge at 7th Street waiting for the choo choo to come home. Of course there are always things to photograph.

Like this Northbound Surfliner ... but Watch The Road!
[Image: 20120422-53-L.jpg]

A new bridge shot.
[Image: 20120422-56-L.jpg]

And another one.
[Image: 20120422-58-L.jpg]

I found Jimmy Stewart's girlfriend Hilary laying on the sidewalk waiting for her motorcycle honey to come pick her up. They will be re-united soon.
[Image: 20120422-65-L.jpg]

[Image: 20120422-68-L.jpg]

Southbound Smurfliner.
[Image: 20120422-77-L.jpg]
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
You gotta figure between the foamers and chasers and the "OMG where did that come from" drivers that a run along, in or near a freeway is a massive accident waiting to happen.

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