Maybe some of you Orange Co. guys can help me remember a street location for this shot I took of Ferrocarril Coahuila-Zacatecas No.12 back in 1978. I believe she is now on display in Colorado

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Ball Road between West Place and West St at the facility that still has a few cars and a caboose. I drive past it almost every day and I'm pretty sure it isn't even a restaurant anymore. The property was divided and some of it, including where the loco was is now a gas station?

Or maybe out on the east part of Chapman??
Second the first part of the above, I remember seeing the station building and water tower there.

TCS - wonder if it's the same outfit that had one out near Fontucky or Rancho Kooksamongus.
Here is a link to an older thread on the same location. This was from a few years ago.

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Thanks a lot for the help maybe I should have dug into the archives a little deeper. Here is a link to her current location http://steamlocomotive.info/vlocomotive.cfm?Display=1657
Sorry about that link, after taking a closer look I don't think its the right engine. I think its this one.

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