5, yes FIVE P42's running around Surfliners
AMTK 154 on 769/796 today with 6903.
AMTK 135 on 777 today with 6905
AMTK 194 on 1761/1790 today with 90230.
AMTK 193 on 572/583 today with 6906.
AMTK 42 on 763/784 today with 6901.



This means there's only 3 F59PHI's out right now? That's insane...

By the way, 573 broke down today, so another F59 took a hit.
Wow,that don't sound good.
I'm sure the railfans are excited,but hopefully this doesn't mean the F59s' fate will start to be drawing near.
Nathan - The Amtrak Freak
Mid-life rebuilds anybody ?

TCS - amtrak maintenance / bigfoot = which one is the bigger myth ?
There are nine trainsets, so 4 F59s. I believe there are three F59s getting overhauls at the Grove as we speak, and one getting a new paint job at 8th street.

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