Railfaning Tehachapi Sunday
Hey Guys another WCRF member and I are planning to Railfan Tehachapi this Sunday. Is Sunday a day they normally shut down the line for maintenance till about 1700 after they run a few key trains in the morning?

SP- I hear most of the week it is that way.
(08-03-2012, 04:08 PM)SP4449 Wrote:  SP- I hear most of the week it is that way.

Who are you talking to, Rusty??

There haven't been any absolute work windows for months (at least since March) and I don't think any are planned for this weekend. Tehachapi has been quite alive as of late and not as slow as some people seem to think. Traffic levels aren't that of Cajon of course but if that's what you want, go to Cajon. I have been making my Sunday morning runs up to Tehachapi over the passed few months (time permitting) and traffic is normally very steady with a nice parade of eastbounds out of Bakersfield. Keep in mind that around mid-day after the morning rush the hi-railer heads out. I have seen him follow the last eastbound out of Bakersfield but if who ever is inspecting the line that day is in Tehachapi they will hi-rail west down the hill.

No I wasn't referring to Rusty.

SP-We will just bounce around!
Look forward to seeing a trip report.


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