Where, What, and How ?
This is a Where is it, What is it, and How is this RR related ?

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Where it is clueless.

What it is? How about a rubbertired trackmobile like device made by Hyster
the famous forklift company.

Rail related- looks big and bad enough to push a locomotive or railcar around a shop or yard.

How did I do?

You got the name right ... in advertently (meaning it's not Hyster) and it is rubber tired.

TCS - answer tomorrow when I find the real "Where is it ?"
Somewhere down towards Colton and used in the construction of the cutoff?

USAF - SWAG... I need to sleep...
So after looking through my files it seems that my "Where is this ?" has vanished so here's the answer to this monster:

Where: Castaic, CA
What: Western Contracting's "Locomotive". So named because it was powered by a GE FDL-16 out of a U-28 ( that's How). The operator sat in the middle of the 12 foot wide cab, had independent steering and Rockwell "Pushin' Cushion" push blades at both ends, signals to tell the scrapers what side to come in on, and enough power that when they encountered large amounts of rock it peeled the floors out out the cans (bowls, the part that cuts and carries the dirt on an earthmover) on several occasions.
Western used it constructing I-5 over the Grapevine and it sat near where the NB/SB lanes split until it was cut up for scrap around 1990.
I admit it's a long stretch for this board.

TCS - reshooting the other thing tomorrow
Actually pretty cool. Thanks.

There was an interestate in New Jersey that was built by laying a railroad down first and then using trains to haul in materials and haul out dirt and rocks. They had some used RS3s and a new U-Boat (maybe a U28B even, don't recall for sure). John Dzobko has some very interesting photos of it posted on his Godfather of the Rails site (which is maintainted by Ray Peacock).

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