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Due to a strike by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU)/Office Clerical Unit (OCU) at the Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., ports, the majority of piers are unable to accept inbound and outbound rail car shipments from Union Pacific.
Therefore, UP has embargoed all international traffic destined to the International Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) at Long Beach and all on dock locations at both Los Angeles and Long Beach, except the TraPac, Pier A and PCT terminals.
Additionally, drayage is limited between ICTF and the Piers. Domestic ISO container reload traffic destined to ICTF will be allowed to move normally. Please refer to the embargo section of Union Pacific's website for additional information.
No wonder I've been noticing a decrease a freight traffic lately everywhere l, looking at the ATCS monitor these past few days. Is this hurting PHL as well? I'm not familiar with what they serve and where excactly they serve terminal/yard wise.
Nathan - The Amtrak Freak
Nathaniel it’s not everywhere it’s just traffic heading to the Ports of LA and Long Beach. Remember the ships are headed to Oakland so BNSF and UP should have plenty of stack trains headed to and from that port and other competing ports too. Not to mention Norfolk Southern and CSX are increasing clearances for double stacks back east for more direct routes, better service, and also with some of the Eastern Ports expanding. Even with the Panama Canal expansion that will open in 2014 there will still be containers that will be headed to and from Asia that will go through the ports of LA and Long Beach. The strike will end eventually and more ships will come back to the ports of LA and Long Beach with containers that will be loaded onto waiting well cars ready to be sent out east and the opposite for stack trains going west with containers that will be sent out to Asia on ships waiting for them at the ports. Remember this, CN also has the Port of Prince Rupert the closest port to Asia with up to 58 hours of sailing time and it can be expanded and I think they might be running stack trains between there and Memphis Tennessee one of the reasons why they merged with EJ&E along with getting around most of the congestion around the areas of Chicago and because it connects with other CN lines.

SP-End the strike now!
Sorry, I meant everywhere as everywhere around SoCal from Cajon to San Pedro Jct. and the UP.
I have no clue about everywhere else though. But thanks for the unecassarily long reply Tongue

That still leaves the question of how PHL is doing during this strike?
Nathan - The Amtrak Freak
This is a list of PHL's customers Nathan.

As you can see, they do more than just shipping terminals. At the terminals, they build a good portion of the trains for BNSF and UP to take out of the ports. They also move containers between different terminals from trains that come into the ports. Obviously the lack of ships, means lack of trains to move around the ports. Anything that comes into the ports for break bulk facilities could also possibly be currently affected.

Hope this helps better than that random stuff about the canal and other ports above your last reply.
Chris Walker - Forum Owner
(12-02-2012, 01:43 AM)Amtrak/Santa Fe Boy Wrote:  Sorry, I meant everywhere as everywhere around SoCal from Cajon to San Pedro Jct. and the UP.

Indeed, BNSF's only other traffic to the ports is the BARWAT/WATBAR and ethanol trains so with only three operating docks the only other traffic you're going to see are stacks out of Hobart.
Of note: what stacks I have seen this week have had three units on the point (usually) and on wednesday BNSF sent 2 two engine sets out to move empty well cars east - they passed each other at WBCS Fullerton Jct as the first set headed back to the ballpark.

TCS - I see interesting possibilities on the horizon ...

Addendum: NS, CSX, and CN's takeover of EJ&E have nothing to do with this topic.
Does UP run Ethanol trains down to the port?

SP-I have seen them go east on UP.

Where will the stacks out of Hobart be coming from? That is, where are the containers from? Can trucks still pick up loads from the ports and take them to Hobart?
Shawn - Obsessed with Trains
(12-02-2012, 12:44 PM)TC Smith Wrote:  ...
TCS - I see interesting possibilities on the horizon ...

Double-stacks on the San Diego Sub???

Mr. MRL - Loudlaffhmmm.....
[ǝɹǝɥ ǝɹnʇɐuƃıs ʇɹǝsuı]

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