UP Wants Big Boy No. 4014
(12-10-2012, 12:37 PM)SF3751 Wrote:  Per the UP 3985/844 Facebook page-

-3985 planned to finish being overhauled before 844 goes down for its own

-Still looking at 4014, nothing new there news wise

-3985, 844, 4014 (if the deal goes through) will all be apart of UP Steam. No trades or anything like that has been mentioned.

Someone seriously pissed off the folks working the Facebook page. Looks like it has been resolved by now, however.

Some folks just don't see the fun in the hobby anymore and go overboard Crazy_monkee


Yep one of the posters on their page was accusing the administrators of making things up about UP wanting to restore Big Boy 4014.
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Looks like there is nothing yet. There is more info on what the stipulations of the trade are.

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Wasn't 4014 in Green Bay or is any big boy in Green Bay, WI?
(12-10-2012, 03:11 PM)Coaster3001 Wrote:  Wasn't 4014 in Green Bay or is any big boy in Green Bay, WI?

UP 4017 is the 4000 class 4-8-8-4 in Green Bay at the National Railroad Museum...


Aargh, not a subscriber, so I can't read it...
Just joined the Facebook group; this is certainly an exciting possibility! It'd be really good publicity for the Museum, too!

To see 4014 leave would be sad,but it would be leaving to be restored. That's good!

Cut piston rods: Several of you have basically hit on why this was done.
1. No need to remove them or the pistone for transportation.
2. No need to lube the cylinders if left in.
3. helps prevent future operation. This is insurance for the railroad, no liability on them if it can't run. Smile
This is why when the museum ran 5021 that SP said STOP. They were afraid if something went wrong they would get sued.

Now just because the piston rods are cut on a locomotive, that does not mean that the loco can never run again.
You can make new rods. They didn't last for ever anyway.
Also found this on 4005.
link to story.
A few days back a friend sent me this article from the Trains forum's newswire with an update on the UP 4014 situation. There's nothing "new" in this article that hasn't been said on this forum but it's still a nice read...


The TrainsNewswire of this date: Jan.2,2013 has an update, referencing the negotiations concerning the status of UP 4014:

FTA:"...A Dec. 23 letter sent by the chapter's board of directors to its members, and obtained by Trains Magazine, indicates a substantial division, both in the board and the museum’s membership, as to the ultimate fate of the locomotive. The letter stressed that at this time there is no firm proposal from the railroad, and the two parties are only in the midst of exploratory discussions. The chapter's board has unilateral authority to make such a deal. However, the board decided the issue to be important enough to take a vote of the membership in the matter.

Part of the proposed transaction would be for UP to provide alternate equipment for display, presumably a diesel locomotive or locomotives, to replace the Big Boy. Union Pacific has made it clear to the chapter that it would not consider a trade for another steam locomotive, as the railroad feels it is not in a position to thin its roster further.

Ed Dickens, manager of Union Pacific’s steam program, visited the chapter's exhibit on the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds Nov. 30-Dec. 4. According to the board, at that time, Dickens expressed interest in the Big Boy project. If the 4-8-8-4 does return to the railroad, after restoration, the belief is that No. 4014 would eventually visit most of the 23-state railroad.

Some members are in favor of having the locomotive back under steam again, which also means returning it to Union Pacific. Chapter members in favor of a trade feel that the primary benefit, not only for the chapter, but also for the public in general, is that people will be able to see a Big Boy in action.
Others are adamant that the removal of the Big Boy would weaken the position of the chapter as a viable museum. They believe that the absence of the No. 4014 will negatively impact visitor attendance to Pomona. In addition, there are concerns that if the Union Pacific operates the locomotive, the chapter would not receive appropriate recognition for its efforts.

One unanimous area of agreement in the chapter: If the No. 4014 is transferred to the UP, and for some reason the restoration project fails, is for any reason canceled, or the railroad's steam program is canceled, contract must include a clause to return the locomotive to the chapter in a condition as good as, or better then when transferred.

As a potential deal sweetener, the California museum has indicated that once the Big Boy is back in operation, the Union Pacific would consider operating a fan trip with the No. 4014 solely for the chapter's benefit. A counter argument has surfaced that if and when the locomotive begins system wide tours, it would rarely return to the Golden State.

Union Pacific has apparently indicated that, in case a deal with the Pomona cannot be reached, the railroad has other options. That is widely regarded to mean that there are Big Boy's elsewhere in the country that are potential restoration candidates.

Some members feel that loosing the Big Boy would put the chapter itself in jeopardy. Others point out that the group has other significant assets on display, including UP 4-12-2 No. 9000, SP 4-10-2 No. 5021, Santa Fe 4-6-4 No. 3450, and UP “Centennial” DD40AX No. 6915..."
Thanks for posting this. I know trains has been updating things, but I don't subscribe, so I hadn't heard anything.

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